You’ve written a book…
You’ve published it:
* in print *
* as an e-book *
…now what?

What else are your competitors doing with their books?

Audiobooks continue to be the fastest growing segment in digital publishing and everyone is benefiting. Listeners are finding that most of the new books that come out are getting the audio treatment and publishers are redoubling their efforts for their backlist by notable authors.

I love recording and editing audio. This intimate medium requires in-depth knowledge and high-quality equipment to make the audio version of your book compelling for your listeners.

How do I work?

Here’s what a plan for recording your book might look like:

  1. You send me the script of your book
  2. I review the script for any common ‘traps’ like words which are difficult to pronounce or formatting which will make the audio difficult for the listener to understand
  3. I meet you in (which is just like Skype) for up to an hour to discuss the project
  4. I visit you in your home with my bespoke, portable set up or you can join me to record in my custom audio book recording studio, ‘The Library’ in Stratford-upon-Avon
  5. If I come to you, all you need to provide is a small, quiet room, a table and a script – I do the rest
  6. I produce the recording ‘live’, giving error correction advice and general direction
  7. I edit, optimise and master the audio files for upload to Audible or other services

What is this not…?

If you are looking for cheap and cheerful recording, my service probably isn’t for you. The audio I record is as close as possible to professional studio standard, at a fraction of the cost – but it takes time and expertise to produce.

What does it cost?

A professional studio will cost you up to £1500 (London) for two days of recording (a pretty standard amount of time to spend on a single book approx. 280 pages), plus accommodation and subsistence costs – and you won’t get any of the personal attention I provide.

I am told that the recommended cost of proper, professional editing for a 280-page book is around £1000.

I have lower overheads than a professional studio, so you will receive your audio book complete and sounding great for around half the cost of studio recording. (Exact costs for each project are negotiated before recording.)

Why not just record and edit it yourself?

If you try to record your book yourself, you may well be disappointed with the results.

My unique, bespoke, portable studio contains professional-standard audio processing and recording components and the microphones I use are also top quality.

Editing and mastering audio to the exacting standards required by publishers such as Audible is a highly technical job and trying to do it yourself can lead to hours of fruitless work.

I can do all this for you so you can get on with promoting your audio book and developing your credibility.

Listen to the audio sample of When the Adults Change, Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour on Amazon. I recorded the audio version of this best-selling book at author Paul Dix’s house.

Praise for Paul Dix’ audiobook:

“The first thing I did on finishing… this book, was to listen to it again … and then a third time.

It’s especially good when authors read their own books and Paul Dix’s voice gives perfect emphasis to his key messages and anecdotes.

The challenge of all leaders in schools and colleges is to free teachers from the burden of pointless data tasks so that they have the time and space to show the empathy and interest, and give the pastoral care that are essential to turn troubled minds to learning.”

P W. 10-07-19

What services do I offer?

I can:

1. Do full audio book creation in your home – recording and production, then back in my home studio, edit, optimise and master the audio for platforms e.g. Audible


2. Host you at ‘The Library Audio Book Studio‘, in Stratford-upon-Avon for recording and production, then, back in my home studio, edit, optimise and master the audio for platforms e.g. Audible


3. Edit, optimise and master your own recording for platforms e.g. Audible

Contact me for a free consultation to find out if I can help you breathe new life into your book by converting it into audio!