Whatever stage of your podcasting journey you are at, I’m sure I can help you to develop your show.

Book a Podcasting Power Hour and what we cover is up to you!

Example Power Hours:

  • Everything you need to start your own podcast in an hour!
  • How to choose the right podcasting equipment
  • How to set up for success and avoid the common podcasting pitfalls
  • How to improve your audio quality
  • How to speed up your podcast production
  • How to create a community around your show
  • How to monetise your podcast – and how not to!

If you have any other topics you’d like to cover in an hour, then just let me know when you choose a slot below.

Looking thoughtful…

I run Power Hours via Zoom (which is a lot like Skype) and I record your session so you can access it again as often as you like afterwards.

On the calendar below, first click on a date (only white squares are available) and then select one of the time slots below the calendar: