Sue Atkins, TV Parenting Expert

“I’ve been working with Kevin on my podcast for over 3 years & we still continue to record podcasts, webinars & expert interviews together. Kevin takes ALL the worry out of the technical side to podcasting or broadcasting & he is so patient, helpful & knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.”

Sue Atkins
Disney Family UK Parenting Expert

“Kevin is a tech god when it comes to editing The Parent Practice Podcast. He is professional, thorough and has always come through, even when timescales are tight. He ensures the audio quality is the best it can be when slicing together two audio files with different voices.

Kevin also did the audio on my book ‘My Child’s Different’ and set up a home studio so recording was done with the minimum of fuss and was accepted by audible first time. Highly recommend his services.”

Elaine Halligan
Enabling parents to bring out the best in their children| Author of My Child’s Different

“A no-fuss, make-it-look-easy kind of guy who just gets on with the job of making your podcast sound amazing. Kevin is an absolutely genius at the tech that goes on to get a podcast up and running. All I had to do was to record the audios, send over the files and he did the rest. He edited each one, adding the intro and outros, got the quality of the sound just right, set up the feed, created the iTunes and Spotify accounts and made sure each episode went out each week.

Any question I had, he simply said ‘of course, I can do that’. And he was so helpful in getting my audio quality right, giving me lots of advice on what equipment to get and how to record from my MacBook.”

Karen Skidmore
Simplifying Business Growth. Scaling up purpose-driven businesses. Business Books Awards Finalist 2020. Podcaster.